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AACR - American Association of Cancer Research

From molecules to medicine, from proteomics to prevention, the journals of the AACR cover the full spectrum of cancer science and medicine. To submit your manuscript, please select the journal that aligns with your research and follow the instructions to access the correct submission site.

In The Spotlight

New! Read the "Best of the AACR Journals," a collection of our most cited research articles published in 2020 and 2021 across the AACR journals!

Hallmarks of Cancer

Cancer Discovery proudly presents, "Hallmarks of Cancer: New Dimensions" by Douglas Hanahan. The third update to the seminal series includes new emerging hallmarks and enabling characteristics: unlocking phenotype plasticity, nonmutational epigenetic reprogramming, senescent cells, and polymorphic microbiomes.

Cancer Immunology review

Read the Rising Stars in Cancer Immunology review: Engineering Synthetic Biology Circuits in CAR T Cells by Ryan M. Shih and Yvonne Y. Chen in Cancer Immunology Research. To find out more about the Rising Stars Reviews, read the Editorial, A New Year, A New Initiative.

new open access journal

Learn more about Cancer Research Communications, an open access journal spanning the full breadth of cancer science and medicine. Elaine R. Mardis, PhD and Lillian L. Siu, MD will serve as the Editors-in-Chief and will work with an editorial board comprised of experts in the scientific areas represented in the journal.

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