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Therapeutic Research and Development

Translational studies that investigate molecular targets, lead compounds, and experimental therapies in a preclinical setting

Latest in Therapeutic Research and Development
Kyle A. Cottrell, Luisangely Soto-Torres et al.
The RNA editing enzyme ADAR is an attractive therapeutic target for multiple cancers. Through its deaminase activity, ADAR edits adenosine to inosine in double-stranded RNAs. Loss of ADAR in some cancer cell lines causes activation of the type I IFN pathway and the PKR translational repressor, leading to inhibition of ...
Joshua L.D. Parris, Thibaut Barnoud et al.
NRAS-mutant melanoma is currently a challenge to treat. This is due to an absence of inhibitors directed against mutant NRAS, along with adaptive and acquired resistance of this tumor type to inhibitors in the MAPK pathway. Inhibitors to MEK have shown some promise for NRAS-mutant melanoma. In this work, we explored the ...

Topics in Therapeutic Research and Development

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