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Information for Librarians and Other Institutional Subscribers

Information for Librarians and Other Institutional Subscribers

AACR's Mission  |  AACR’s Commitment to the Dissemination of Content and Support of Librarians  |  Small Journal Portfolio, Big Impact  |  Subscription Guide for Institutions  |  Promoting AACR Journals in Your Library

AACR's Mission

The mission of AACR is to prevent and cure cancer through research, education, communication, collaboration, science policy and advocacy, and funding for cancer research. We work to pursue these goals through our ten highly esteemed journals, scientific conferences, scientific policy and government affairs work, and funding of meritorious research. Founded in 1907, AACR is the world's first and largest professional organization dedicated to accelerating the conquest of cancer. AACR membership includes more than 50,000 laboratory, translational, and clinical researchers; other health care professionals; and cancer advocates residing in more than 129 countries. For more information about the organization, visit the "About the AACR" page.

AACR Commitment to the Dissemination of Content and Support of Librarians

AACR is committed to the dissemination of content and support of librarians through
  • participation in the HINARI Access to Research Initiative, providing free or discounted access to the full-text journal content to institutions in developing countries,
  • online journal content, including historical material dating back to 1916 from the precursors of Cancer Research: Journal of Cancer Research and the American Journal of Cancer Research, representing over 100 years of oncology research and development,
  • development and support of the Principles for Free Access to Science, emphasizing the commitment of not-for-profit publishers to worldwide dissemination of science within the context of proven and realistic publishing models, and supporting experimentation with new models, and
  • sponsorship of Medical Libraries Association and other library conferences, as well as collaborating with other publishers to bring the best information to librarians' user communities.

Immediately following publication all article abstracts are freely available online. One year after publication articles are freely available online.

Users without a subscription have access to journal search functions, the tables of contents, article abstracts, and articles that are more than 1 year old at no cost and without having to register.

Small Journal Portfolio, Big Impact

The scientific breadth and merit of the AACR journals attract premier researchers in the field. The highly esteemed AACR journals continue to be rated among the most influential journals in cancer research. According to the Journal Citation Reports® (JCR), the AACR journals listed in the JCR represent 3.2% of the 246 journals in the Oncology category, garnering 12% of all citations. Four AACR journals rank in the top 30 with regards to Impact Factor.

Source: Journal Impact Factor® from Clarivate, 2022

 Journal Impact Factor
 Blood Cancer Discovery 11.4
 Cancer Discovery 29.1
 Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 3.8
 Cancer Immunology Research 10.1
 Cancer Prevention Research 3.3
 Cancer Research 11.2
 Clinical Cancer Research 11.5
 Molecular Cancer Research 5.2
 Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 5.7


With thousands of institutional subscribers and individual cancer researchers worldwide accessing this content, AACR's peer-reviewed journals are a proven choice for your patrons' cancer research information needs. For more detailed metrics, including the 5-Year Impact Factor, Eigenfactor, and Immediacy Index, please visit the AACR Journals Metrics page.


For all pricing and other information, please contact the AACR Sales Department at:

AACR Sales & Marketing Department

American Association for Cancer Research
615 Chestnut Street  |  17th Floor  |  Philadelphia, PA 19106-4404
Toll Free (US & Canada): (855) 744-4667  |  Phone: (215) 440-9300

Subscription Guide for Institutions

A license is required to subscribe to and access the AACR journal content at anytime and anywhere, and is negotiated on an individual basis. To obtain a quote, please contact

Download the appropriate AACR Site License Agreement*:

*PDFs require Adobe Acrobat Reader

A variety of journal packages are available to institutions. The AACR Journals Suite is our best value and provides access to content covering the full spectrum of cancer science and medicine.

Subscription Packages

 AACR Journals Suite
Licensed access to all journals in the portfolio
# of Issues Per Year
 Blood Cancer Discovery 6
 Cancer Discovery 12
 Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 12
 Cancer Immunology Research 12
 Cancer Prevention Research 12
 Cancer Research 24
 Clinical Cancer Research 24
 Molecular Cancer Research 12
 Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 12
COMBO Package - Licensed access to two journals
Cancer Research & Clinical Cancer Research
COMBO Package +1 - Licensed access to three journals
Cancer Research & Clinical Cancer Research + one other journal
COMBO Package +2 - Licensed access to four journals
Cancer Research & Clinical Cancer Research + two other journals

Usage Reports

To obtain usage reports, log into the Administrator Dashboard using your Administrator credentials. The tabs along the top of the Administrator Dashboard will direct you to either the COUNTER 5 or Archive Reports, which include all usage reports generated starting with 2016. The Silverchair platform provides COUNTER 5 reports only. COUNTER 4 reports are available only in the Archive Reports.

For further assistance, please contact

Promoting AACR Journals in Your Library

Let your users know that they have access to the AACR Journals by posting this flyer in your library or on your resources page, available in English, Chinese (中文), and Japanese (日本語). We are more than happy to support you in your efforts to share information about this highly-esteemed collection of journals with your patrons. Please contact us for any other assistance you may need.

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