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AACR Journals Website Privacy Policy

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) respects the privacy and security of visitors to its journal websites. All AACR journal websites adhere to the privacy policy posted at the AACR’s web site, That privacy policy can be found here.

Because the AACR’s main website and the AACR journal websites provide different services, there are differences in how personal information is collected and used. For example, along with many other services, the AACR’s main website allows visitors to apply for membership, pay dues, and register for meetings. As a result, more detailed personal information is collected on that site——than on the journal websites.

What follows is a description of how personal information is used on the AACR journal websites for various purposes:

Payment: Individuals purchasing access to journal articles are required to pay using a credit card. These transactions are processed by a third party, which does not share credit card numbers with the AACR. The AACR does receive visitors’ names, email addresses, IP addresses, article identifiers, and, where applicable, membership numbers. The AACR does not share this information with other organizations.

Controlling Access to Content: The AACR maintains individuals’ subscription information in its computer systems. The AACR provides this information to the company hosting its journal websites solely for the purpose of giving subscribers access to subscription-based journal content. Subscriber information held by our hosting provider includes a customer number, name, user name, email address, phone number, and institutional affiliation where applicable. Subscriber information is not shared with other organizations, and it is not used for the purpose of associating individual users with content or advertising.

Our hosting provider makes available to the AACR a report showing the number of pages viewed in a given month by the 100 individuals with the highest levels of usage. This report shows only the subscriber’s customer number, email address, number of page views, and number of IP addresses used by that individual. It does not show the subscriber’s IP address. The report does not show which articles were viewed by that individual.

Analyzing Website Usage: The AACR uses Google Analytics to track usage of its journal websites. Visitors’ personal information, including logins, is not collected by the AACR in Google Analytics. The AACR uses aggregated visitor data, such as pages viewed, types of devices used (desktop, mobile), and geographic location (country, city), to optimize the journal websites and to determine patterns of interest in AACR journal content.

Advertising: The AACR’s journal websites carry advertisements for AACR products and services as well as for commercial products and services. Visitors’ personal information (e.g., login, IP address) is not used to track interactions with ads or to display ads targeted to individuals.

Email Alerts: Email addresses are the only user-supplied information collected when visitors sign up for email alerts to new content, article citations, and new articles by authors of articles published in AACR journals. Email alert subscribers’ IP addresses are collected, but the AACR does not use them in any way or share them with other organizations. Email and IP addresses of individuals who have unsubscribed from alerts are maintained on file but can be removed upon request by sending an email to Email addresses collected on the AACR journal websites are not used for AACR promotions, and they are not shared with other organizations.

AACR staff members can view which subscribers have opened Table of Contents Alerts, and which articles those subscribers have viewed. Staff members do not, however, review usage by individual alert recipients. All analyses of Table of Contents Alerts are performed on aggregated data.

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