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Author Services Center

Author Services Center

The AACR journals' Author Services Center provides valuable resources to assist authors in the preparation of their manuscript. Additional resources to assist authors in the pre- and post-submission process will be added over time.

Information for Authors

The Information for Authors page will guide authors to important and useful information on the editorial processes and policies of the AACR journals, guidance on choosing the correct AACR journal, and the full Instructions for Authors.

Manuscript Preparation Services

To assist our authors in selecting from among the many providers of manuscript preparation services, we have assembled a table that summarizes the wide range of services offered by more than 35 service providers, from writing to editing, and statistical analysis to figure generation. Selected services offer a discount to AACR authors.

Manuscript Turnaround Guarantee

We know that authors want the decision on their manuscript submission to be fast, but without sacrificing quality. The AACR journals have the staff and processes in place to ensure that authors receive such service. In the unlikely event that their peer review does not meet a minimum standard of timeliness, authors may take advantage of our Manuscript Turnaround Guarantee and receive a full refund of the journal publication fee.

Improving Reproducibility

To help address concerns about the reproducibility of published research articles, the AACR is urging authors to provide additional important details about their reported studies. Here we provide guidance on services to assist authors in providing identifiers for the resources used in their study, publishing step-by-step protocols, and making their software code available for anyone to easily run and modify.

Cell Line Authentication Services

The AACR strongly encourages authors to authenticate all cell lines used in the research submitted to AACR journals and requires that information about any testing, or lack thereof, be included in the Materials and Methods as detailed here. To assist authors in adhering to this policy, we have provided a list of Cell Line Authentication Services. The AACR does not endorse or take responsibility for any of these services.

Manuscript Transfer Service

The AACR provides the corresponding author of any Research Article declined for publication at an AACR journal the option to easily transfer his or her manuscript files and supporting information, such as peer review comments and reviewer identities, to a second AACR journal of his or her choice for consideration of publication.


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