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Research Article September 26 2022
Sensitization to Ionizing Radiation by MEK inhibition is Dependent on SNAI2 in Fusion-negative Rhabdomyosarcoma
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0310.
Research Article September 26 2022
Neoadjuvant radiation therapy and surgery improves metastasis-free survival over surgery alone in a primary mouse model of soft-tissue sarcoma
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-21-0991.
Research Article September 21 2022
Tumor Infiltrating Myeloid Cells Confer de novo Resistance to PD-L1 Blockade through EMT-stromal and Tgf-beta Dependent Mechanisms.
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0130.
Research Article September 21 2022
Preclinical evaluation of 225Ac-labeled single-domain antibody for the treatment of HER2pos cancer
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-21-1021.
Research Article September 21 2022
First-in-Class Small Molecule to Inhibit CYP11A1 And Steroid Hormone Biosynthesis
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0115.
Research Article September 19 2022
Anti-cancer activity of ST101, a novel antagonist of CCAAT/enhancer binding protein β
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-21-0962.
Research Article September 16 2022
BT8009; a Nectin-4 targeting Bicycle® Toxin Conjugate for treatment of solid tumors.
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-21-0875.
Research Article September 13 2022
A Novel EGFRvIII T-Cell Bispecific Antibody for the Treatment of Glioblastoma
Mol Cancer Ther (2022)
Research Article September 13 2022
p53 pathway inactivation drives SMARCB1-deficient p53-wildtype epithelioid sarcoma onset indicating therapeutic vulnerability through MDM2 inhibition
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-21-0770.
Research Article August 29 2022
Systemic checkpoint blockade by PD-L1 single-chain antibody confers potent anti-tumor immunity and long-term survival
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0010.
Research Article August 29 2022
Sustained Supratherapeutic Paclitaxel Delivery Enhances Irreversible Sarcoma Cell Death
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-21-0750.
Research Article August 23 2022
Establishment and evaluation of a dual HDAC / BET inhibitor as a therapeutic option for germ cell tumors and other urological malignancies
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0207.
Research Article August 23 2022
PLX038: a long-acting topoisomerase I inhibitor with robust anti-tumor activity in ATM deficient tumors and potent synergy with PARP inhibitors
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0217.
Research Article August 23 2022
Modular Smart Molecules for PSMA-Targeted Chemotherapy
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0160.
Research Article August 23 2022
Opposite Effects of Src Family Kinases on YAP and ERK Activation in Pancreatic Cancer Cells: Implications for Targeted Therapy
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-21-0964.
Research Article August 17 2022
Covalent JNK inhibitor, JNK-IN-8, suppresses tumor growth in triple-negative breast cancer by activating TFEB and TFE3 mediated lysosome biogenesis and autophagy
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-21-1044.
Research Article August 5 2022
Sirpiglenastat (DRP-104) Induces Anti-tumor Efficacy Through Direct, Broad Antagonism of Glutamine Metabolism and Stimulation of the Innate & Adaptive Immune Systems
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0282.
Research Article August 5 2022
AZD4625 is a potent and selective inhibitor of KRAS G12C
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0241.
Research Article August 5 2022
Bioengineered BERA-Wnt5a siRNA targeting Wnt5a/FZD2 signaling suppresses advanced prostate cancer tumor growth and enhances enzalutamide treatment
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0216.
Research Article August 5 2022
Transient Inhibition of Trastuzumab-Tumor Binding to Overcome the "Binding-Site Barrier" and Improve the Efficacy of a Trastuzumab-Gelonin Immunotoxin
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0192.
Research Article July 29 2022
Suppression of chromosome instability limits acquired drug resistance
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0263.
Research Article July 25 2022
Decreased DNA damage and improved p53 specificity of RITA analogs
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0119.
Research Article July 25 2022
FGFR4-targeted chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) combined with anti-myeloid poly-pharmacy effectively treats orthotopic rhabdomyosarcoma
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0059.
Research Article July 25 2022
Comparative oncology assessment of a novel inhibitor of valosin-containing protein in tumor-bearing dogs
Mol Cancer Ther MCT-22-0167.
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