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Research Article May 19 2022
GAS6-AXL inhibition by AVB-500 overcomes resistance to paclitaxel in endometrial cancer by decreasing tumor cell glycolysis
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0704.2021.
Research Article May 19 2022
Targeting DUSP activity as a treatment for high grade serous ovarian carcinoma
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0682.2021.
Research Article May 18 2022
Pharmacologic Activation of STING in the Bladder Induces Potent Antitumor Immunity in Non–Muscle Invasive Murine Bladder Cancer
Mol Cancer Ther (2022)
Research Article May 17 2022
PLGA-nano-encapsulated Disulfiram inhibits hypoxia-induced NFκB, cancer stem cells and targets glioblastoma in vitro and in vivo
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0066.2022.
Review Article May 11 2022
Novel markers for liquid biopsies in cancer management: Circulating platelets and extracellular vesicles
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0087.2022.
Research Article May 11 2022
Peptide PDHPS1 inhibits ovarian cancer growth through disrupting YAP signaling
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0848.2021.
Research Article May 11 2022
Variable mutation expression in human cancers: A 'hide-and-seek' mechanism linked to differential MHC-I presentation dynamics
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0831.2021.
Research Article May 9 2022
Overcoming Resistance to Anti-nectin-4 Antibody-Drug Conjugate
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0013.2022.
Research Article May 5 2022
A high-throughput screening platform identifies novel combination treatments for Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.MCT-21-0947-A.2021.
Research Article May 5 2022
Preclinical Evaluation of IMGC936, a Next Generation Maytansinoid-based Antibody-drug Conjugate Targeting ADAM9-expressing Tumors
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0915.2021.
Research Article May 2 2022
Augmenting experimental gastric cancer activity of irinotecan through liposomal formulation and antiangiogenic combination therapy
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0860.2021.
Research Article May 2 2022
Nonclinical characterization of bexmarilimab, a Clever-1-targeting antibody for supporting immune defense against cancers
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0840.2021.
Research Article May 2 2022
Development of highly effective anti-mesothelin hYP218 Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells with increased tumor infiltration and persistence for treating solid tumors
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.MCT-22-0073-A.2022.
Research Article May 2 2022
HJM-561, a potent, selective and orally bioavailable EGFR PROTAC that overcomes osimertinib-resistant EGFR triple mutations
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0835.2021.
Research Article May 2 2022
Luxeptinib (CG-806) targets FLT3 and clusters of kinases operative in acute myeloid leukemia
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0832.2021.
Research Article May 2 2022
Targeted radionuclide therapy with low and high-dose Lutetium-177 labeled single domain antibodies induces distinct immune signatures in a mouse melanoma model
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0791.2021.
Research Article May 2 2022
Niraparib Shows Superior Tissue Distribution and Efficacy in a Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis Model Compared to Other PARP Inhibitors
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0798.2021.
Research Article May 2 2022
Colchicine-binding site agent CH-2-77 as a potent tubulin inhibitor suppressing triple-negative breast cancer
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0899.2021.
Research Article May 2 2022
Olfactory Receptor OR2H1 is an effective target for CAR T cells in human epithelial tumors
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.MCT-21-0872-E.2021.
Research Article May 2 2022
A whole genome CRISPR screen identifies AHR loss as a mechanism of PARP7 inhibitor resistance
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0841.2021.
Research Article April 19 2022
TOP1-DNA trapping by exatecan and combination therapy with ATR inhibitor
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.1000.2021.
Review Article April 12 2022
Tissue Agnostic Activity of BRAF plus MEK inhibitor in BRAF V600 mutant tumors
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0950.2021.
Research Article April 11 2022
A new class of selective ATM inhibitors as combination partners of DNA double-strand break inducing cancer therapies
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0934.2021.
Research Article April 11 2022
Targeting CD73 with AB680 (Quemliclustat), a novel and potent small molecule CD73 inhibitor, restores immune functionality and facilitates anti-tumor immunity
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0802.2021.
Research Article April 11 2022
B7-H3 Specific CAR T cells for the Naturally Occurring, Spontaneous Canine Sarcoma Model
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0726.2021.
Research Article April 11 2022
YM155 induces DNA damage and cell death in anaplastic thyroid cancer cells by inhibiting DNA topoisomerase IIα at the ATP binding site
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0619.2021.
Research Article April 3 2022
Individualised prediction of drug response and rational combination therapy in NSCLC using artificial intelligence enabled studies of acute phosphoproteomic changes
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0442.2021.
Research Article April 1 2022
Ovarian cancers with low CIP2A tumor expression constitute an APR-246 sensitive disease subtype
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0622.2021.
Research Article April 1 2022
Novel Anti-LY6G6D/CD3 T Cell-Dependent Bispecific Antibody for the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.MCT-21-0599-A.2021.
Research Article April 1 2022
Maximal activation of apoptosis signaling by co-targeting anti-apoptotic proteins in BH3 mimetic-resistant AML and AML stem cells
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0690.2021.
Research Article March 21 2022
Immune mechanisms of resistance to cediranib in ovarian cancer
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.MCT-21-0689-E.2021.
Research Article March 21 2022
Comprehensive surfaceome profiling to identify and validate novel cell-surface targets in osteosarcoma
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0836.2021.
Research Article March 21 2022
Porcupine inhibition disrupts mitochondrial function and homeostasis in WNT ligand-addicted pancreatic cancer
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0623.2021.
Research Article March 21 2022
GPC1-targeted immunotoxins inhibit pancreatic tumor growth in mice via depletion of short-lived GPC1 and downregulation of Wnt signaling
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0778.2021.
Research Article March 21 2022
Cigarette smoke containing acrolein contributes to cisplatin resistance in human bladder cancers through the regulation of HER2 pathway or FGFR3 pathway
Mol Cancer Ther molcanther.0725.2021.
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