Genipin is known as a compound derived from gardenia fruit extract. Although Genipin is known to have an anti-tumor effects in various cancers, its effect and mechanism are unknown in gastric cancer. In our studies, Genipin induced apoptosis in gastric cancer cells including AGS and MKN45 cells. Genipin reduced Mcl-1 mRNA levels and confirmed with transfection of Mcl-1 siRNA. Furthermore, We found that phospho Stat3 is regulated by Genipin through proteome profiler phosphor-kinase array. In addition, protein level of phosphor JAK2 decreased in Genipin treatment. The results elucidate that Stat3/JAK2/Mcl-1 signaling pathway was suppressed with Genipin treatment in gastric cancer cells. Mcl-1 is known to be closely related to the function of mitochondria. Genipin has been shown to result in the collapse of mitochondrial function such as mitochondrial membrane potential. In conclusion, Genipin induced apoptosis by suppressing Stat3/JAK2/Mcl-1 pathway and led to mitochondrial dysfunction. Our finding implies that a novel mechanism of anti-cancer effect of Genipin in gastric cancer can be identified.

Citation Format: Min Jee Jo, Soyeon Jeong, Hye Kyeong Yun, Dae Yeong Kim, Bo Ram Kim, Jung Lim Kim, Yoo Jin Na, Seong Hye Park, Yoon A Jeong, Bu Gyeom Kim, Hassan Ashktorab, Duane T Smoot, Jun Young Heo, Jeongsu Han, Dae-Hee Lee, Sang Cheul Oh. Genipin enhanced apoptosis of gastric cancer by mitochondrial dysfunction and downregulation of Stat3/JAK2/Mcl-1 signaling pathway [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics; 2019 Oct 26-30; Boston, MA. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; Mol Cancer Ther 2019;18(12 Suppl):Abstract nr A021. doi:10.1158/1535-7163.TARG-19-A021