Our previous study illustrated that nuclear factor IX (NFIX) promotes glioblastoma (GBM) progression by inducing migration and proliferation of GBM cells. However, the underlying mechanism of how NFIX regulates GBM cell proliferation remains obscure. In this study, we uncovered that Go-Ichi-Ni-San 1 (GINS1) is upregulated and positively correlated with NFIX in human GBM specimen. NFIX silencing downregulates the expression of GINS1, which is pivotal for cell-cycle progression and proliferation of GBM cells. Replenishment of GINS1 largely rescues the NFIX-null effect on GBM cell proliferation. Mechanistic investigation revealed that NFIX transcriptionally actives GINS1 expression by directly binding to promoter region (-1779 to -1793bp) of the GINS1 gene. Furthermore, knockdown of NFIX sensitizes GBM cells to DNA damage-inducing agents including doxorubicin and temozolomide, in a GINS1-dependent manner.


Our study highlights that targeting NFIX–GINS1 axis could be a novel and potential therapeutic approach for GBM treatment.

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