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Molecular and Cellular Biology

Studies that investigate cancer-associated biochemical and molecular pathways and their influence on cell biology and carcinogenesis.

Latest in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Verra M. Ngwa, Deanna N Edwards et al.
Glutamine is the most abundant non-essential amino acid in blood stream; yet it's concentration in tumor interstitium is markedly lower than that in the serum, reflecting the huge demand of various cell types in tumor microenvironment for glutamine. While many studies have investigated glutamine metabolism in tumor ...
Richard A Harbison, Rajeev Kumar Pandey et al.
Metabolic features of the tumor microenvironment (TME) antagonize anti-tumor immunity. We hypothesized that T cell infiltrated tumors with a known antigen should exhibit superior clinical outcomes, though some fare worse given unfavorable metabolic features leveraging T cell-infiltrated (Thi), human papillomavirus-related ...
Lin Wang, Yitian Xu et al.
During the 9/11 attacks, individuals were exposed to World Trade Center (WTC) dust which contained a complex mixture of carcinogens. Epidemiologic studies have revealed the increased incidence of prostate and thyroid cancer in WTC survivors and responders. While reports have shown that WTC-dust associates with the ...
Nobuyuki Takahashi, Sehyun Kim et al.
Endogenous replication stress is a major driver of genomic instability. Current assessments of replication stress are low throughput precluding its comprehensive assessment across tumors. Here we develop and validate a transcriptional profile of replication stress by leveraging established cellular characteristics that ...
Namrata Bora-Singhal, Biswarup Saha et al.
The transcriptional co-activator YAP1 is the major oncogenic component of the Hippo signaling pathway and contributes to the genesis and progression of various tumors, including non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). YAP1 levels are regulated by the canonical Hippo kinases, MST1/2 and LATS1/2, which modulate its cytoplasmic ...

Topics in Molecular and Cellular Biology

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