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Molecular and Cellular Biology

Studies that investigate cancer-associated biochemical and molecular pathways and their influence on cell biology and carcinogenesis.

Latest in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Qiujin Shen, Yahui Feng et al.
Although the concept of “myeloid neoplasm continuum” has long been proposed, few comparative genomics studies directly tested this hypothesis. Here we report a multi-modal data analysis of 730 consecutive newly diagnosed patients with primary myeloid neoplasm, along with 462 lymphoid neoplasm cases serving as the ...
Shoshy A. Brinch, Enya Amundsen-Isaksen et al.
The catalytic enzymes tankyrase 1 and 2 (TNKS1/2) alter protein turnover by poly-ADP-ribosylating target proteins, which earmark them for degradation by the ubiquitin–proteasomal system. Prominent targets of the catalytic activity of TNKS1/2 include AXIN proteins, resulting in TNKS1/2 being attractive biotargets for ...

Topics in Molecular and Cellular Biology

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