In a previous report (1) the writers described the results of some experiments on the effect of irradiation on the cholesterol content of blood of patients treated for cancer. In the course of this work, attention was drawn to the casual relation between the whole blood and plasma cholesterol content in health and malignancy. Such relation had previously been noted by Levy-Dorn and Burghein (2) and seemed worth verifying by a larger series of cases.

Our first attempt was to verify this phenomenon on animals. We therefore studied the blood of 26 female mice which were made available to us through the courtesy of our biologist. All these mice were from a strain noted for its high incidence of spontaneous breast cancer. 15 of these mice were tumor free and 11 were found to have well advanced spontaneous breast cancers. The bloods from each group were oxalated and pooled and the cholesterol content in plasma and whole blood ascertained by the same method as used for the cancer patients. The method will be discussed later. The results were clear cut and according to the previous hypothesis. Thus, the tumor-free mice showed a whole blood cholesterol content of 173 mgms. as against a plasma content of 139 mgms. per 100 cc, while the well advanced spontaneous cancer mice showed a whole blood content of 132 mgms. as against a plasma content of 142 mgms. per 100 cc.

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