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Breast Cancer Collection

The recent launch of Cancer Research Communications demonstrates the AACR’s commitment to accelerating the pace of discovery through the publication of timely and rigorously peer-reviewed studies. The journal’s primary goal is to facilitate the sharing of well-supported and thought-provoking findings to promote cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas among the oncology research community. To exemplify this commitment, the editors of Cancer Research Communications offer a selection of our recently published articles focused on breast cancer research across the spectrum of cancer science and medicine—from molecular screening for homologous recombination deficiencies and sensitivity to targeted therapy, to biomarkers of disease risk and progression, to epidemiologic analysis of mutations that might contribute to disparities in patient outcomes. By communicating these findings in an openly accessible format available to all researchers, Cancer Research Communications will continue to build a fast and reliable pipeline to disseminate valuable information to the cancer research community as we continue toward our shared goal of preventing and curing all cancers.

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Alina Castell; Qinzi Yan; Karin Fawkner; Wesam Bazzar; Fan Zhang; Malin Wickström; Mohammad Alzrigat; Marcela Franco; Cecilia Krona; Donald P. Cameron; Cecilia Dyberg; Thale Kristin Olsen; Vasiliki Verschut; Linnéa Schmidt; Sheryl Y. Lim; Loay Mahmoud; Per Hydbring; Sören Lehmann; Laura Baranello; Sven Nelander; John Inge Johnsen; Lars-Gunnar Larsson
Jingwei Zhang; Adam J. Pearson; Nitin Sabherwal; Brian A. Telfer; Nisha Ali; Karmern Kan; Qiuping Xu; Wei Zhang; Fuhui Chen; Shiyang Li; Jinhua Wang; Nathanael S. Gray; Blanca Risa-Ebrí; Katherine G. Finegan; Michael J. Cross; Emanuele Giurisato; Alan J. Whitmarsh; Cathy Tournier
Daniel Massó-Vallés; Marie-Eve Beaulieu; Toni Jauset; Fabio Giuntini; Mariano F. Zacarías-Fluck; Laia Foradada; Sandra Martínez-Martín; Erika Serrano; Génesis Martín-Fernández; Sílvia Casacuberta-Serra; Virginia Castillo Cano; Jastrinjan Kaur; Sergio López-Estévez; Miguel Ángel Morcillo; Mohammad Alzrigat; Loay Mahmoud; Antonio Luque-García; Marta Escorihuela; Marta Guzman; Joaquín Arribas; Violeta Serra; Lars-Gunnar Larsson; Jonathan R. Whitfield; Laura Soucek
Amma Asare; Hui Yao; Olivia D. Lara; Ying Wang; Lin Zhang; Anil K. Sood
Yang Gao; Elena B. Kabotyanski; Jonathan H. Shepherd; Elizabeth Villegas; Deanna Acosta; Clark Hamor; Tingting Sun; Celina Montmeyor-Garcia; Xiaping He; Lacey E. Dobrolecki; Thomas F. Westbrook; Michael T. Lewis; Susan G. Hilsenbeck; Xiang H.-F. Zhang; Charles M. Perou; Jeffrey M. Rosen
Cynthia Villarreal-Garza; Ana S. Ferrigno; Alejandro Aranda-Gutierrez; Paul H. Frankel; Nora H. Ruel; Alan Fonseca; Steven Narod; Yanin Chavarri-Guerra; Erika Sifuentes; Maria Cristina Magallanes-Hoyos; Josef Herzog; Danielle Castillo; Rosa M. Alvarez-Gomez; Alejandro Mohar-Betancourt; Jeffrey N. Weitzel
Shino Endo; Yuki Yoshino; Matsuyuki Shirota; Gou Watanabe; Natsuko Chiba
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