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CCR Focus Archive 2015

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Cell Death and Cancer Therapy (November 15, 2015)
Innovations to Speed Drug Development (October 15, 2015)
Progress in Lung Cancer (May 15, 2015)
Targeting RAS-Driven Cancers (April 15, 2015)

2015 CCR Focus Sections

CCR Focus Cover

Cell Death and Cancer Therapy
November 15, 2015
Guest Editor: Anthony Letai, 21 (22) : 5013–5056

How Do Cancer Cells Die?
Susan E. Bates

Cell Death and Cancer Therapy: Don't Forget to Kill the Cancer Cell!
Anthony Letai

Promises and Challenges of Smac Mimetics as Cancer Therapeutics
Simone Fulda

Autophagy, Metabolism, and Cancer
Eileen White, Janice M. Mehnert, and Chang S. Chan

How Do Cytotoxic Lymphocytes Kill Cancer Cells?
Luis Martínez-Lostao, Alberto Anel, and Julián Pardo

CCR Focus Cover

MInnovations to Speed Drug Development
October 15, 2015
Guest Editors: Eric H. Rubin and Patricia M. LoRusso, 21 (20) : 4526–4568

On Innovating and Inspiring the Clinical Trial Enterprise
Susan E. Bates

Advancing Clinical Trials to Streamline Drug Development
Susan E. Bates, Donald A. Berry, Sanjeeve Balasubramaniam, Stuart Bailey, Patricia M. LoRusso, and Eric H. Rubin

Next-Generation Sequencing to Guide Clinical Trials
Lillian L. Siu, Barbara A. Conley, Scott Boerner, and Patricia M. LoRusso

Expansion Cohorts in First-in-Human Solid Tumor Oncology Trials
Marc R. Theoret, Lee H. Pai-Scherf, Meredith K. Chuk, Tatiana M. Prowell, Sanjeeve Balasubramaniam, Tamy Kim, Geoffrey Kim, Paul G. Kluetz, Patricia Keegan, and Richard Pazdur

Failures in Phase III: Causes and Consequences
Bostjan Seruga, Alberto Ocana, Eitan Amir, and Ian F. Tannock

The Urgent Need for Clinical Research Reform to Permit Faster, Less Expensive Access to New Therapies for Lethal Diseases
David J. Stewart, Gerald Batist, Hagop M. Kantarjian, John-Peter Bradford, Joan H. Schiller, and Razelle Kurzrock

CCR Focus Cover

Progress in Lung Cancer
May 15, 2015
Guest Editors: Roy S. Herbst and Katerina Politi, 21 (10) : 2212–2262

Quit Early, Quit Often
Susan E. Bates

Lung Cancer in the Era of Precision Medicine
Katerina Politi and Roy S. Herbst

EGFR: The Paradigm of an Oncogene-Driven Lung Cancer
Gregory J. Riely and Helena A. Yu

Squamous Cell Lung Cancer: From Tumor Genomics to Cancer Therapeutics
David R. Gandara, Peter S. Hammerman, Martin L. Sos, Primo N. Lara Jr, and Fred R. Hirsch

Small Cell Lung Cancer: Will Recent Progress Lead to Improved Outcomes?
M. Catherine Pietanza, Lauren Averett Byers, John D. Minna, and Charles M. Rudin

Immune Checkpoint Modulation for Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
Jean-Charles Soria, Aurélien Marabelle, Julie R. Brahmer, and Scott Gettinger

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