Background: Colorectal cancer was the most common cancer found in the GI tract; the two most common clinical emergency presentations were intestinal obstruction and perforation on the tumor site or proximally to the distal tumor. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we must face the new condition; we should modify the clinical outpatients’ schedule, which could address the other problem, that colorectal cancer patients refuse to continue treatment planning and that elective and well-prepared operations will be decreased.

Methods: We will report the clinical presentation of our colorectal cancer patients during the last 2 months from March until May 2020. All patients with emergency presentation of colorectal cancer will be included; any comorbidities will be recorded on this study. Patients with emergency colorectal cancer who could not fit for emergency operation will be excluded. Inpatient mortality and postoperative complications will be evaluated.

Results: During the 2-month period, we evaluated 26 cases of emergency colorectal cancer patients. Most of the patients came with total intestinal obstruction on the emergency presentation (22 cases); the others (4 cases) came with diffuse peritonitis due to colonic perforation. All patients were reported negative for COVID-19 on rapid test. Exploratory laparotomy was done in this emergency setting; 10 patients had sigmoid colon cancer, 15 patients had rectal cancer, and 6 patients had right colonic cancer. Intestinal perforation was found on rectal cancer patients. Tumor resection and primary anastomosis were done on 18 patients, and the others had stoma diversion. Inpatient mortality reported on 4 patients of perforation cases and had cardiopulmonary complication postoperatively.

Conclusion: During the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency presentation of colorectal patients increased, and intestinal perforation was the risk factor of inpatient mortality.

Citation Format: Budhi Ida Bagus, Metria Ida Bagus, Setyawati Ida Ayu, Mastini Ida Ayu Kade. Increasing of emergency presentation on colorectal cancer patients during COVID-19 pandemic: A retrospective study on single-center academic hospital [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the AACR Virtual Meeting: COVID-19 and Cancer; 2020 Jul 20-22. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; Clin Cancer Res 2020;26(18_Suppl):Abstract nr PO-080.