The genetic and functional complexity of bulk tumor tissue and its associated microenvironment, comprising heterogeneous cellular clones, has become more evident due to rapid advances in single-cell and deep-sequencing technologies. In this research, we present methods to better characterize clonal diversity from patient-derived cell lines and tumor biopsies at the single-cell level. We will profile intratumor and microenvironmental heterogeneity through single-cell selection, single-cell DNA and RNA sequencing, and real-time functional data. In addition to genetic data, single-cell real-time growth dynamics alongside CA125 secretion will be discussed as real-time functional assays. This approach uses bulk or discriminate selection of cells based on phenotype across a broad range of cellular inputs. Targeted cells from the tumor and its microenvironment were manipulated using light-induced dielectrophoresis into holding areas on the BLI Beacon platform for single-cell isolation and/or culture for monitoring growth kinetics and conducting functional screening. Hundreds to thousands of independent cells or batches were selected from resected tumor and adjacent tissue; genomic DNA was amplified and characterized using Ion Torrent AmpliSeq targeted panels and/or MissionBio Tapestri scDNA-Seq. Collectively this genomic data were used to identify cellular clonality and better address the degree of clonal heterogeneity across these tumors when compared to bulk sequencing. Specifically, growth kinetics, differential expression, and TP53 mutation profiling will be discussed in the context of several pilot primary tumor-derived samples. Orthogonal RNA-Seq data obtained using 1,500-5,000 cells per sample for 3’ mRNA scRNA-Seq on the 10X Genomics Chromium platform will also be discussed. Through the integration of these technologies, we hope to showcase an efficient and comprehensive method for assessing intratumor and microenvironmental heterogeneity.

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Citation Format: Kristin G. Beaumont, Austin Hake, Ying-Chih Wang, Hardik Shah, Kimaada Allette, Wissam Hamou, Arpit Dave, Christina Andreou, Maya Strahl, Hanane Arib, Alesia Antoine, Ethan Ellis, Melissa Smith, Peter Dottino, John Martignetti, Eric E. Schadt, Robert P. Sebra. High-throughput functional and multi-omic single-cell characterization to elucidate ovarian intratumor and microenvironmental heterogeneity [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the AACR Special Conference on Advances in Ovarian Cancer Research; 2019 Sep 13-16, 2019; Atlanta, GA. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; Clin Cancer Res 2020;26(13_Suppl):Abstract nr PR10.