Introduction & Objectives: Epithelial ovarian cancer (OC) is the most lethal gynaecological malignancy and the fifth leading cause of cancer death in women in the Western world. Forkhead box M1 (FOXM1) transcription factor was already been described to be overexpressed in various malignancies, playing a key role in cell-cycle progression, chromosomal segregation and genomic stability, and oxidative stress. Moreover, it can also promote drug resistance to herceptin, paclitaxel and cisplatin in breast cancer cells. A recent report from our group has shown, for the first time, that FOXM1 is also overexpressed in OC, being associated with tumor grade. This result seem to indicate an interesting role of this molecule in the progression and resistance to therapy in OC. Our aim is to characterize FOXM1 isoforms in OC through the use of human tissue samples.

Material & Methods: Fresh ovarian primary tumors, ascites and peritoneal metastases from patients suffering advanced serous OC were collected from surgery room and processed for microarray analysis to detect FOXM1 expression levels. FOXM1 isoforms were analysed at mRNA expression level by using RTqPCR in a set of new frozen tissue samples.

Results: We found that FOXM1 overexpression is increased in OC peritoneal metastases. Now, we are characterizing the isoforms of FOXM1 in primary, ascites and metastatic tumors. Nevertheless, more samples need to be analysed in order to have conclusive results.

Conclusions: The present study highlights the role of FOXM1 isoforms in OC dissemination and pursues the idea to elucidate the biologic role of FOXM1 in OC tumorigenesis.

Citation Format: Tatiana Altadill, Marina Rigau, Blanca Majem, Lucia Lanau, Josep Castellví, Ángel García, Assumpció Pérez-Benavente, José Luis Sánchez, Silvia Cabrera, Jordi Xercavins, Josep Maria del Campo, Antonio Gil-Moreno, Marta Llauradó, Jaume Reventós. Analyses of FOXM1 isoforms in ovarian cancer. [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the AACR Special Conference on Advances in Ovarian Cancer Research: From Concept to Clinic; Sep 18-21, 2013; Miami, FL. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; Clin Cancer Res 2013;19(19 Suppl):Abstract nr A28.