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Understanding of lung cancer biology has increased dramatically over the past decade, leading to the development of several novel agents that are now in clinical trials. However, it is not clear how these agents will be integrated into the current approach to patients with non-small cell lung cancer. A program that surveys and summarizes where we are with these molecularly targeted agents will help clinicians understand more about the status and potential uses of new agents as they plan future therapies.

After reading this supplement, participants should be able to:

  • Review important aspects of lung cancer biology as they pertain to novel treatments.

  • Discuss the rationale for identifying a target as therapeutically important.

  • Appreciate the role of molecularly targeted agents in the current treatment of advanced lung cancer.

  • Assess the ongoing trials using these agents and the impact that such studies will have on future care.

This supplement to Clinical Cancer Research is designed to meet the educational needs of oncologists and pulmonary specialists who wish to learn more about novel approaches to the treatment of lung cancer.

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