Imaging plays the major role in modern medicine and new generation drugs discovery, contributing as an independent and powerful asset. However, PET [imaging and technology] in particular may act as the unifier source and communicate between all conventional imaging modalities. The only missing link for these sophisticated interactions of high-tech systems is a method, which will accurately predict, direct and control imaging in theory and experiment.
 This work demonstrates Harmonic method exclusively designed for PET-imaging tracers and other technologies development, an instrument as adoptive as universal. Harmonic method executes at all levels of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, starting from: imaging-tracers development and cell-uptake studies, in vivo and in vivo small-cell populations early detection and structural differentiation, and randomly distributed and independently progressing malignances location and drug-treatment diagnostics at required phases of patients’ rehabilitation. Harmonic method is applying special tools: signal complexity (signal/background interconversion), isomerism (principal of tracers’ relativity), and targeted drugs’ discovery by reporter gene expression (HSV-1 sr39tk and F[18]FXAU); and is operating according by special rules and regulation.
 Conclusion: Harmonism is a self-developing universal method, which allows highly selective and sensitive differentiation (qualification and quantification) of imaging modalities main dilemma: Signal/Background ratios theoretical (mathematical) and experimental (physical) evaluation.

Third AACR International Conference on Molecular Diagnostics in Cancer Therapeutic Development-- Sep 22-25, 2008; Philadelphia, PA