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CEBP Focus Archive 2018

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CEBP Focus Cover

Rural Cancer Control
November 1, 2018

An Overview of the National Cancer Institute's Initiatives to Accelerate Rural Cancer Control Research
Amy E. Kennedy, Robin C. Vanderpool, Robert T. Croyle and Shobha Srinivasan

Opportunities and Challenges in Rural Cancer Research: An Epidemiologic Perspective
Armen A. Ghazarian, Damali N. Martin and Tram K. Lam

Rural Cancer Control: Bridging the Chasm in Geographic Health Inequity
S. Jane Henley and Ahmedin Jemal

Utility and Generalizability of Multistate, Population-Based Cancer Registry Data for Rural Cancer Surveillance Research in the United States
Whitney E. Zahnd, Wiley D. Jenkins, Aimee S. James, Sonya R. Izadi, David E. Steward, Amanda J. Fogleman, Graham A. Colditz and Laurent Brard

Geographic Inequalities in Progress against Lung Cancer among Women in the United States, 1990–2015
Katherine Ross, Michael R. Kramer and Ahmedin Jemal

Rural–Urban Differences in Cancer Incidence and Trends in the United States
Whitney E. Zahnd, Aimee S. James, Wiley D. Jenkins, Sonya R. Izadi, Amanda J. Fogleman, David E. Steward, Graham A. Colditz and Laurent Brard

Rural Disparities in Treatment-Related Financial Hardship and Adherence to Surveillance Colonoscopy in Diverse Colorectal Cancer Survivors
Jean A. McDougall, Matthew P. Banegas, Charles L. Wiggins, Vi K. Chiu, Ashwani Rajput and Anita Y. Kinney

Using a Culturally Tailored Intervention to Increase Colorectal Cancer Knowledge and Screening among Hispanics in a Rural Community
Katherine J. Briant, Janeth I. Sanchez, Genoveva Ibarra, Monica Escareño, Nora E. Gonzalez, Virginia Jimenez Gonzalez, Nathan Marchello, Stephanie Louie and Beti Thompson

A Group Randomized Trial to Reduce Obesity among Appalachian Church Members: The Walk by Faith Study
Electra D. Paskett, Ryan D. Baltic, Gregory S. Young, Mira L. Katz, Samuel M. Lesko, Kelly H. Webber, Karen A. Roberto, Eugene J. Lengerich, Nancy E. Schoenberg, Stephenie K. Kennedy, Scherezade Mama, Courtney C. Midkiff and Mark B. Dignan

Impacts of Neighborhood Characteristics on Treatment and Outcomes in Women with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ of the Breast
Shiyang Zhang, Ying Liu, Shumei Yun, Min Lian, Goldie Komaie and Graham A. Colditz

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CEBP Focus Cover

Genome-Wide Association Studies in Cancer
April 1, 2018

Editorial: The Fruits of the Genomic Revolution
Timothy R. Rebbeck and Thomas A. Sellers

A Decade of GWAS Results in Lung Cancer
Yohan Bossé and Christopher I. Amos

Common Genetic Variation and Breast Cancer Risk—Past, Present, and Future
Jenna Lilyquist, Kathryn J. Ruddy, Celine M. Vachon and Fergus J. Couch

Common Genetic Variation and Susceptibility to Ovarian Cancer: Current Insights and Future Directions
Siddhartha P. Kar, Andrew Berchuck, Simon A. Gayther, Ellen L. Goode, Kirsten B. Moysich, Celeste Leigh Pearce, Susan J. Ramus, Joellen M. Schildkraut, Thomas A. Sellers and Paul D.P. Pharoah

Genome-Wide Association Studies of Cancer in Diverse Populations
Sungshim L. Park, Iona Cheng and Christopher A. Haiman

Genome-Wide Association Studies in Glioma
Ben Kinnersley, Richard S. Houlston and Melissa L. Bondy

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