Purpose: Exploration of the population profile and management of female breast cancer in a representative sample from Alexandria, Egypt, to identify system inefficiencies and barriers preventing full implementation of international guidelines, negatively impacting the outcome.

Methods: The study surveyed 7125 records from three major public oncology services at Main University Hospital, Gamal Abd-elnasser Hospital and Ayadi Almostakbel Oncology Center, between 2007 and 2016.

Results: 73.4% (5236 records) of the records contained usable information. The median age was 54 years, with positive family history in 31.5%. The median duration of complaint before diagnosis was 3.1 months (IQR 1.6-7.5). 55.2% were early stage, 37.6% were locally advanced and 7.2% were stage IV. Breast surgery was performed for 4976 cases. Axillary surgery was done for 4945 cases. Most cases were hormone receptor positive. 15.3% were HER2 positive. The median duration to start chemotherapy was 1.03 months (IQR 0.7-1.6). Adjuvant chemotherapy was given to 3667 and neoadjuvant chemotherapy was given to 333. Anthracycline-based combination chemotherapy, with or without Taxanes was the commonest. 86% received hormonal treatment. 180/317 trastuzumab-eligible patients received trastuzumab. 69.5% started radiotherapy > 6 months from presentation. Conventionally and hypofractionated regimens were used in 46.6% and 53.5%, respectively. 1109 developed relapse (local in 155, distant in 130 and 794 had both). In non-metastatic cases, median overall and disease free survivals were 149.1 and 77.1 months respectively. In metastatic cases, the median progression free survival was 19.6 months.

Conclusion: The study revealed defects in the record system, delayed diagnosis and treatment, and inadherence to targeted therapy protocols in a significant part of eligible patients. Suggested implementation strategies include promotion of national or hospital based registries, information, education and communication with target populations and health carers, establishing a patient navigation system and monitoring outcomes of the interventions.

Citation Format: Yousri Rostom, Salah Abdelmonem, Marwa Shaker, Nayera Mahmoud, Nevine Labib, Abdelsalam A. Ismail, Maher Soliman. Presentation and Management of Egyptian Female Breast Cancer In Alexandria, Egypt: An Implementation Study [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the 9th Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research; Global Cancer Research and Control: Looking Back and Charting a Path Forward; 2021 Mar 10-11. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2021;30(7 Suppl):Abstract nr 16.