BACKGROUND: Breast cancer (BCa) is the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States and large racial/ethnic disparities are evident. Higher levels of body mass index (BMI), lower rates of physical activity (PA), and hormone receptor-negative BCa sub-type are associated with poorer BCa treatment outcomes. PURPOSE: To evaluate the prevalence of high BMI, low PA level, and BCa sub-type among three BCa survivor groups: European Americans (EAs), African Americans without Sea Island ancestry (AAs), and AAs with SI ancestry (SIs). METHODS: A state central cancer registry database was used to identify 137 (42 EAs, 66 AAs, and 29 SIs) women diagnosed with BCa between May 2012 and October 2013, who were within 6-21 months of diagnosis at the time of the study. RESULTS: Regardless of racial/ethnic group, most participants (82%) were overweight/obese (p=0.46). BMI was highest in younger AAs (p=0.02). The CDC PA guidelines (≥150 minutes/week) were met by only 28% of participants. In terms of BCa sub-type, among the 86 participants who provided saliva samples, the frequency of triple-negative BCa and estrogen-receptor-negative BCa was lower in EAs and SIs than in AAs (p< 0.05). CONCLUSIONS: This is the first study to identify differences in obesity rates, PA rates, and BCa sub-type in EAs, AAs, and SIs. Future research could explore dietary and PA behavioral interventions to reduce BCa recurrence risk, and could evaluate potential differential immune responses linked to the frequency of triple-negative BCa in AAs.

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