Background: Survivors of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), an early stage breast cancer, tend to decrease physical activity, gain weight, and maintain alcohol use following treatment. However, the impact of these health behaviors on long-term quality of life (QoL) in DCIS survivors has not been investigated. Methods: We examined the association of post-diagnosis body mass index (BMI), physical activity and smoking with QoL among 1,448 DCIS survivors aged 20–74, who were diagnosed during 1995–2006 and enrolled in the population-based Wisconsin In Situ Cohort. Health behaviors and QoL were self-reported during biennial post- diagnosis interviews. Physical and mental QoL were measured using the validated SF-36 questionnaire (higher scores reflect more positive QoL). Generalized linear regression was used to establish QoL mean scores in cross-sectional analyses, with multivariable adjustment for age, comorbidity status, education, and income. Results: Women reported 3,444 QoL observations over an average 7.9 years of follow-up. Physical health summary scale measures of QoL were significantly higher among women with healthy BMI (46.5 for healthy weight versus 40.5 for obese, P = 0.02) and those who were physically active (45.9 for active women versus 42.6 for inactive, P = 0.03). Mental health summary scale scores were significantly higher among non-smokers (51.2 for non-smokers versus 47.1 for current smokers, P < 0.01). These associations were consistent over increasing time since treatment up to 15 years. Conclusion: Our preliminary analysis suggests that maintaining healthy behaviors following DCIS treatment is associated with improved long-term QoL. Longitudinal analysis using cross-lagged regression is underway to evaluate the temporal association between health behavior and QoL. Understanding factors that impact QoL in DCIS survivors may inform interventions aimed at preventing negative health behaviors and optimizing long term quality of life following a DCIS diagnosis.

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