In an article (1) in the November 2005 issue, there was an error in the labeling of alleles presented for ERCC1 19007. In the Methods and Results sections, ERCC1 c19007t should read ERCC1 t19007c. In Table 2, the labels were reversed for the ERCC1 19007 T and C alleles, so the CC genotype should be TT, and vice versa. Because this only entails a labeling error, and comparisons in Tables 3–5 reflect those of rare versus common genotypes, this change does not affect the interpretation of the results.

Weiss JM, Weiss NS, Ulrich CM, Doherty JA, Voigt LF, Chen C. Interindividual variation in nucleotide excision repair genes and risk of endometrial cancer.
Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev