Twenty-eight transitional cell carcinomas of the bladder, grade 2 or 3, were analyzed for the presence of p53 mutations. Thirteen tumors were found to contain 14 mutations. These were all base substitution mutations, of which nine were GC-->AT transitions (three at CpG sites). The remaining five mutations were transversions (three GC-->CG, one GC-->TA, and one AT-->TA). Four of the mutations were found at codon 280. A comparison with other studies of bladder tumors reveals that a region encompassing codons 280 and 285 represents a hot spot for p53 mutation in bladder cancer. The 280/285 hot spot lies within two purine-rich sequences that may provide some clues to the identity of potential bladder carcinogens. A comparison of mutations from bladder tumors of smokers and nonsmokers reveals no significant differences.

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