In the article by C. Nagata et al., entitled “Effect of Soymilk Consumption on Serum Androgen and Estrogen Concentrations in Japanese Men,” which appeared in the March 2001 issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention (pp. 179–184), the estimates for protein intake from soy products other than soymilk were incorrectly stated as per week. The correct intake estimates should be per day. Therefore, in line 15 of the second paragraph of Results on page 180, 26.3g (SD, 17.1g) and 26.1g (SD, 15.1g) should be 3.8g (SD, 2.4g) and 3.7g (SD 2.0g). In line 19 in the same paragraph, 30.7g (SD, 20.4g) and 30.5g (SD 19.8g) should be 4.4g (SD 2.9g) and 4.4g (SD 2.8g). It is not likely that this error in the text implies any change in the conclusion and interpretation of the report.