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About the Journal

Cancer Research Communications is an open access, peer-reviewed journal from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) that encompasses the full spectrum of research on cancer. Incredible progress is being made in the cancer field and it is therefore more vital than ever to accelerate the pace of discovery. This journal seeks to stimulate innovation by promoting the open and rapid publication of hypotheses, results, and new knowledge among the varied disciplines that comprise the broad field of cancer research. The journal encourages high-quality submissions from all areas of cancer science and medicine. Submissions are welcome that advance basic, translational, or clinical cancer research.

The scope of Cancer Research Communications is captured in the below list of major sections and related descriptions:

  • Molecular and Cellular Biology: Studies that investigate cancer-associated biochemical and molecular pathways and their influence on cell biology and carcinogenesis
  • Tumor Biology: Studies that investigate the intercellular interactions and physiology governing tumor development and progression
  • Immuno-oncology: Studies that investigate the immune system, its interactions with tumor cells, and opportunities to enhance the body's natural defenses against cancer
  • Therapeutic Research and Development: Translational studies that investigate molecular targets, lead compounds, and experimental therapies in a preclinical setting
  • Emerging Technologies and Data Science: Studies, methods, and large datasets that employ computational biology, high-throughput techniques, imaging, physical sciences, or engineering to investigate cancer biology
  • Precision Medicine and Biomarkers: Clinical or translational studies aimed at optimally matching patients to treatments, including biomarkers and resistance mechanisms
  • Clinical Research and Trials: Studies involving patients that investigate the efficacy of novel screening strategies, therapeutics, combinations, or regimens in the setting of clinical investigation
  • Epidemiology and Prevention: Population-level studies that investigate the genetic and environmental risk factors of cancer and their application in disease prevention and interception
  • Health Policy and Outcomes Research: Studies that investigate the cause and impact of differences in patient group outcomes, cancer survivorship, and the development of health policy from individual or population-level perspectives with a focus on health disparities


Research Article

Original research that communicates advances of value to the cancer research community. A research article may provide new insights or data resources; support or refute previously published results; or report thought-provoking negative results. Parameters follow below:

  • 250-word unstructured abstract for a regular research article; 250-word structured abstract for a research article describing a clinical trial
  • 50-word "Significance" statement, written for a broad audience, following the abstract
  • No word limit, though we ask that your presentation be as concise as possible
  • No reference limit, though we ask that you cite material that is as relevant and timely as possible
  • Suggested display item (figure/table) limit of 8

Please note that our editors are empowered to request a reduction in manuscript length or display item count on a case-by-case basis if they believe that shortening the presentation would improve the study’s readability significantly.


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Cancer Research Communications Editorial Office
American Association for Cancer Research  |  Publications Division
615 Chestnut Street  |  17th Floor  |  Philadelphia, PA 19106-4404
Phone: (215) 440-9300  |  Fax: (215) 440-9337  |  E-mail:

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