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Research Article August 11 2022
A ketogenic diet in combination with gemcitabine increases survival in pancreatic cancer KPC mice
Cancer Research Communications CRC-22-0256.
Research Article August 11 2022
SLFN11 negatively regulates non-canonical NF-kB signaling to promote glioblastoma progression
Cancer Research Communications CRC-22-0192.
Research Article August 11 2022
The Wnt pathway inhibitor RXC004 blocks tumor growth and reverses immune evasion in Wnt ligand-dependent cancer models
Cancer Research Communications CRC-21-0095.
Research Article August 9 2022
ZL-1211 exhibits robust anti-tumor activity by enhancing ADCC and activating NK cell-mediated inflammation in CLDN18.2-high and -low expressing gastric cancer models
Cancer Research Communications CRC-22-0216.
Research Article August 9 2022
An informatics bridge to improve the design and efficiency of Phase I clinical trials for anti-cancer drug combinations
Cancer Research Communications CRC-22-0160.
Research Article August 9 2022
Mavorixafor, an orally bioavailable CXCR4 antagonist, increases immune cell infiltration and inflammatory status of tumor microenvironment in patients with melanoma
Cancer Research Communications CRC-22-0090.
Research Article August 9 2022
Ribonuclease H2 subunit A preserves genomic integrity and promotes prostate cancer progression
Cancer Research Communications CRC-22-0126.
Research Article August 5 2022
Lung cancer patients of different racial backgrounds harbor distinct immune cell profiles
Cancer Research Communications CRC-22-0057.
Research Article August 1 2022
Na+/H+-exchanger 1 enhances antitumor activity of engineered NK-92 natural killer cells
Cancer Research Communications CRC-22-0270.
Research Article July 29 2022
Repurposing azacitidine and carboplatin to prime immune checkpoint blockade-resistant melanoma for anti-PD-L1 re-challenge
Cancer Research Communications CRC-22-0128.
Research Article July 28 2022
Brain neural progenitors are new predictive biomarkers for breast cancer hormonotherapy
Cancer Research Communications CRC-21-0090.
Research Article July 26 2022
Persistent ethnicity-associated disparity in anti-tumor effectiveness of immune checkpoint inhibitors despite equal access
Cancer Research Communications CRC-21-0143.
Research Article July 25 2022
Distinct Predictive Immunogenomic Profiles of Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and IL-2: A Real-world Evidence Study of Patients with Advanced Renal Cancer
Cancer Research Communications CRC-21-0153.
Research Article July 11 2022
Dietary Non-starch Polysaccharide Intake and Risk of Colorectal Cancer: Findings from the Singapore Chinese Health Study
Cancer Research Communications crc-22-0153.
Research Article June 28 2022
A TCR-like CAR promotes sensitive antigen recognition and controlled T cell expansion upon mRNA vaccination
Cancer Research Communications crcres.0154.2022.
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