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Selected Articles from the Tumor Biology and Immunology section of Cancer Research

Below are some of the top Tumor Biology and Immunology articles along with the Senior Editors who lead the section.


Peritoneal Spread of Ovarian Cancer Harbors Therapeutic Vulnerabilities Regulated by FOXM1 and EGFR/ERBB2 Signaling
Deepak Parashar, Bindu Nair, Anjali Geethadevi, Jasmine George, Ajay Nair, Shirng-Wern Tsaih, Ishaque P. Kadamberi, Gopa Kumar Gopinadhan Nair, Yiling Lu, Ramani Ramchandran, Denise S. Uyar, Janet S. Rader, Prahlad T. Ram, Gordon B. Mills, Sunila Pradeep and Pradeep Chaluvally-Raghavan
December 15, 2020

A Wnt-Induced Phenotypic Switch in Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Inhibits EMT in Colorectal Cancer
Mohammed H. Mosa, Birgitta E. Michels, Constantin Menche, Adele M. Nicolas, Tahmineh Darvishi, Florian R. Greten and Henner F. Farin
December 15, 2020

Tumor Fibroblast-Derived FGF2 Regulates Expression of SPRY1 in Esophageal Tumor-Infiltrating T Cells and Plays a Role in T-cell Exhaustion
Qing-yun Chen, Yi-ni Li, Xin-yue Wang, Xu Zhang, Yi Hu, Lei Li, Da-qin Suo, Ke Ni, Zhuo Li, Jia-rong Zhan, Ting-ting Zeng, Ying-hui Zhu, Yan Li, Li-jia Ma and Xin-Yuan Guan
December 15, 2020

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