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Photo of John Quackenbush
John Quackenbush

The accelerating progress in cancer research has been driven by rapid developments in technology, and with it, an associated influx of data, emphasizing the growing importance of computing, machine learning, and data analysis in biomedicine. The collected works below, published online-only in the November 1, 2017 issue of Cancer Research, introduce computing tools and resources that non-bioinformaticists can incorporate into their work. These articles are freely available thanks to support from the NCI. We intend for this collection to be the beginning of many more computational resource papers that will be published and highlighted in future issues of Cancer Research.

Here, the articles are grouped by subject matter: Genomics, Proteomics, Animal Models, Imaging, and Clinical.

Read the Focus Editorial from Juli Klemm, NCI; Warren Kibbe, Duke University; and John Quackenbush, Harvard University and Senior Editor, Cancer Research.



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