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Perspective May 19 2022
Translating "Big Data" in Oncology for Clinical Benefit: Progress or Paralysis
Cancer Res canres.0100.2022.
Review Article May 18 2022
Drug-tolerant persister cells in cancer therapy resistance
Cancer Res canres.3844.2021.
Research Article May 18 2022
Transcriptional repression by FoxM1 suppresses tumor differentiation and promotes metastasis of breast cancer
Cancer Res canres.0410.2022.
Research Article May 18 2022
Activity and resistance of a brain-permeable paradox breaker BRAF inhibitor in melanoma brain metastasis
Cancer Res canres.4152.2021.
Research Article May 18 2022
Pyruvate kinase M1 suppresses development and progression of prostate adenocarcinoma
Cancer Res canres.CAN-21-2352-E.2021.
Research Article May 18 2022
Chromatin Rewiring by Mismatch Repair Protein MSH2 Alters Cell Adhesion Pathways and Sensitivity to BET Inhibition in Gastric Cancer
Cancer Res canres.CAN-21-2072-E.2021.
Research Article May 17 2022
Claudin-12 deficiency inhibits tumor growth by impairing transendothelial migration of myeloid-derived suppressor cells
Cancer Res canres.3896.2021.
Research Article May 17 2022
Targeting KDM6A suppresses SREBP1c-dependent lipid metabolism and prostate tumorigenesis
Cancer Res canres.1825.2021.
Research Article May 11 2022
Mitochondrial micropeptide STMP1 enhances mitochondrial fission to promote tumor metastasis
Cancer Res canres.3910.2021.
Research Article May 10 2022
Computational identification of preneoplastic cells displaying high stemness and risk of cancer progression
Cancer Res canres.0668.2022.
Research Article May 10 2022
Bimodal gene expression in cancer patients provides interpretable biomarkers for drug sensitivity
Cancer Res canres.2395.2021.
Research Article May 10 2022
Hypoxia-reoxygenation couples 3βHSD1 enzyme and cofactor upregulation to facilitate androgen biosynthesis and hormone therapy resistance in prostate cancer
Cancer Res canres.4256.2021.
Research Article May 10 2022
Delineating The RAS Conformational Landscape
Cancer Res canres.0804.2022.
Research Article May 9 2022
TET2 Suppresses VHL Deficiency-Driven Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma by Inhibiting HIF Signaling
Cancer Res (2022)
Review Article May 9 2022
Forkhead Box Transcription Factors: Double-Edged Swords in Cancer
Cancer Res (2022)
Research Article May 4 2022
Anti-HIV drug elvitegravir suppresses cancer metastasis via increased proteasomal degradation of m6A methyltransferase METTL3
Cancer Res canres.4124.2021.
Research Article May 3 2022
Computational and Functional Analyses of HER2 Mutations Reveal Allosteric Activation Mechanisms and Altered Pharmacologic Effects
Cancer Res canres.0940.2021.
Brief Report May 3 2022
Immune Determinants of the Association between Tumor Mutational Burden and Immunotherapy Response across Cancer Types
Cancer Res (2022)
Research Article May 2 2022
Targeting BCAT1 combined with α-ketoglutarate triggers metabolic synthetic lethality in glioblastoma
Cancer Res canres.3868.2021.
Research Article April 29 2022
Quantification of neoantigen-mediated immunoediting in cancer evolution
Cancer Res canres.3717.2021.
Research Article April 26 2022
Oncohistone Mutations Occur at Functional Sites of Regulatory ADP-ribosylation
Cancer Res canres.CAN-22-0742-E.2022.
Brief Report April 26 2022
ROADMAPS: An online database of response data, dosing regimens, and toxicities of approved oncology drugs as single agents to guide preclinical in vivo studies
Cancer Res canres.4151.2021.
Research Article April 26 2022
Colorectal cancer develops inherent radiosensitivity that can be predicted using patient-derived organoids
Cancer Res canres.4128.2021.
Research Article April 26 2022
NR2F1 is a barrier to dissemination of early stage breast cancer cells.
Cancer Res canres.4145.2021.
Research Article April 22 2022
Chemotherapy coupled to macrophage inhibition induces T-cell and B-cell infiltration and durable regression in triple-negative breast cancer
Cancer Res canres.3714.2021.
Research Article April 20 2022
The oncogenic PI3K-induced transcriptomic landscape reveals key functions in splicing and gene expression regulation
Cancer Res canres.CAN-22-0446-E.2022.
Research Article April 13 2022
Preclinical Development and Evaluation of Allogeneic CAR T Cells Targeting CD70 for the Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma
Cancer Res (2022)
Research Article April 12 2022
Mitochondrial calcium uniporter drives metastasis and confers a targetable cystine dependency in pancreatic cancer
Cancer Res canres.3230.2021.
Research Article April 11 2022
A genome-wide CRISPR activation screen identifies PRRX2 as a regulator of enzalutamide resistance in prostate cancer
Cancer Res canres.3565.2021.
Research Article April 8 2022
Aberrant Nuclear Export of circNCOR1 Underlies SMAD7-Mediated Lymph Node Metastasis of Bladder Cancer
Cancer Res canres.4349.2021.
Research Article April 8 2022
Functional genomic analysis of CDK4 and CDK6 gene dependency across human cancer cell lines
Cancer Res canres.2428.2021.
Research Article April 8 2022
Rab13 sustains breast cancer stem cells by supporting tumor-stroma crosstalk
Cancer Res canres.4097.2021.
Research Article April 6 2022
Phosphorylation and stabilization of PD-L1 by CK2 suppresses dendritic cell function
Cancer Res canres.2300.2021.
Review Article April 1 2022
Epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity in tumor immune evasion
Cancer Res canres.4370.2021.
Research Article April 1 2022
Aberrant RNA splicing is a primary link between genetic variation and pancreatic cancer risk
Cancer Res canres.4367.2021.
Review Article March 23 2022
Epigenetic and transcriptional regulation of innate immunity in cancer
Cancer Res canres.3503.2021.
Research Article March 21 2022
Phosphorylation of SHP2 at Tyr62 enables acquired resistance to SHP2 allosteric inhibitors in FLT3-ITD-driven AML
Cancer Res canres.0548.2021.
Review Article March 18 2022
Oncogenic and tumor-suppressive functions of the RNA demethylase FTO
Cancer Res canres.3710.2021.
Review Article March 18 2022
Ribosome biogenesis: a central player in cancer metastasis and therapeutic resistance
Cancer Res canres.4087.2021.
Research Article March 3 2022
Tumor-intrinsic PD-L1 promotes DNA repair in distinct cancers and suppresses PARP inhibitor-induced synthetic lethality
Cancer Res canres.2076.2021.
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