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Review Article June 30 2022
Metabolic reprogramming in hematological malignancies: advances and clinical perspectives
Cancer Res can.22.0917.
Research Article June 30 2022
CHD1 promotes sensitivity to Aurora kinase inhibitors by suppressing interaction of AURKA with its coactivator TPX2
Cancer Res can.22.0631.
Research Article June 29 2022
Squalene epoxidase metabolic dependency is a targetable vulnerability in castration-resistant prostate cancer
Cancer Res canres.3822.2021.
Research Article June 29 2022
Caspase-3-induced activation of SREBP2 drives drug resistance via promotion of cholesterol biosynthesis in hepatocellular carcinoma
Cancer Res canres.2934.2021.
Research Article June 28 2022
RNA helicase DDX24 stabilizes LAMB1 to promote hepatocellular carcinoma progression
Cancer Res canres.3748.2021.
Review Article June 24 2022
The central role of mTORC1 in amino acid sensing
Cancer Res canres.4403.2021.
Research Article June 24 2022
Cancer-associated fibroblasts suppress CD8+ T cell infiltration and confer resistance to immune checkpoint blockade
Cancer Res canres.4141.2021.
Brief Report June 24 2022
The interaction of SWI/SNF with the ribosome regulates translation and confers sensitivity to translation pathway inhibitors in cancers with complex perturbations
Cancer Res canres.1360.2021.
Research Article June 24 2022
Inhibition of karyopherin β1-mediated nuclear import disrupts oncogenic lineage- defining transcription factor activity in small cell lung cancer
Cancer Res canres.3713.2021.
Research Article June 24 2022
Genomic Profiling of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid in Lung Cancer
Cancer Res canres.0554.2022.
Research Article June 23 2022
Poziotinib inhibits HER2 mutant-driven therapeutic resistance and multi-organ metastasis in breast cancer
Cancer Res canres.CAN-21-3106-E.2021-9-13 12:18:38.287.
Review Article June 22 2022
Inactivating amplified HER2: challenges, dilemmas, and future directions
Cancer Res canres.1121.2022.
Research Article June 22 2022
PRC2 Heterogeneity Drives Tumor Growth in Medulloblastoma
Cancer Res canres.CAN-21-4313-E.2021.
Research Article June 22 2022
Treatment represents a key driver of metastatic cancer evolution
Cancer Res canres.CAN-22-0562-E.2022.
Research Article June 22 2022
The prostate cancer androgen receptor cistrome in African American men associates with upregulation of lipid metabolism and immune response
Cancer Res canres.3552.2021.
Research Article June 22 2022
DLGAP1-AS2-Mediated Phosphatidic Acid Synthesis Activates YAP Signaling and Confers Chemoresistance in Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Cancer Res canres.0717.2022.
Research Article June 17 2022
Leveraging therapy-specific polygenic risk scores to predict restrictive lung defects in childhood cancer survivors
Cancer Res canres.0418.2022-2-4 09:20:02.663.
Article Commentary June 16 2022
The Kinetics and (Dys)kinetics of Cancer Chronotherapy
Cancer Res (2022)
Research Article June 16 2022
Therapeutic targeting of macrophage plasticity remodels the tumor-immune microenvironment
Cancer Res canres.CAN-21-3506-A.2021.
Research Article June 15 2022
Developmental pathways are epigenetically reprogrammed during lung cancer brain metastasis
Cancer Res canres.4160.2021-12-4 00:44:15.000.
Research Article June 15 2022
MAB21L4 deficiency drives squamous cell carcinoma via activation of RET
Cancer Res canres.CAN-22-0047-E.2022-1-7 09:20:59.670.
Research Article June 14 2022
NELL-1 regulates the matrisome to promote osteosarcoma progression
Cancer Res canres.0732.2022-3-1 13:01:34.140.
Research Article June 14 2022
The reversible fourth-generation EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor OBX02-011 overcomes C797S-mediated resistance in lung cancer
Cancer Res canres.0394.2022-2-3 21:03:12.200.
Research Article June 13 2022
Constitutive activation of the tumor suppressor p53 in hepatocytes paradoxically promotes non-cell autonomous liver carcinogenesis.
Cancer Res canres.4390.2021.
Research Article June 10 2022
An active learning framework improves tumor variant interpretation
Cancer Res canres.3798.2021-11-8 10:24:42.443.
Research Article June 9 2022
Activity and Resistance of a Brain-Permeable Paradox Breaker BRAF Inhibitor in Melanoma Brain Metastasis
Cancer Res (2022)
Research Article June 8 2022
Cyclocreatine suppresses creatine metabolism and impairs prostate cancer progression
Cancer Res canres.1301.2021-5-4 10:59:25.103.
Research Article June 6 2022
A programmable in vivo CRISPR activation model elucidates the oncogenic and immunosuppressive functions of MYC in lung adenocarcinoma
Cancer Res canres.4009.2021.
Research Article June 6 2022
IL-6 and CCL18 mediate crosstalk between VHL-deficient kidney cells and macrophages during development of renal cell carcinoma
Cancer Res canres.3749.2021-11-3 04:32:07.783.
Research Article June 3 2022
A Genome-wide screen identifies PDPK1 as a target to enhance the efficacy of MEK1/2 inhibitors in NRAS mutant melanoma
Cancer Res canres.3217.2021-9-22 14:53:05.437.
Research Article June 3 2022
Intratumoral resolution of driver gene mutation heterogeneity in renal cancer using deep learning
Cancer Res canres.CAN-21-2318-A.2021-7-15 15:52:51.650.
Retraction June 3 2022
Retraction: Targeting KDM6A Suppresses SREBP1c-Dependent Lipid Metabolism and Prostate Tumorigenesis
Cancer Res (2022)
Research Article June 2 2022
Delineating The RAS Conformational Landscape
Cancer Res (2022)
Correction June 2 2022
Correction: Targeting KDM6A Suppresses SREBP1c-Dependent Lipid Metabolism and Prostate Tumorigenesis
Cancer Res (2022)
Research Article June 2 2022
Targeting KDM6A Suppresses SREBP1c-Dependent Lipid Metabolism and Prostate Tumorigenesis
Cancer Res (2022)
Research Article May 31 2022
Reengineering Ponatinib to Minimize Cardiovascular Toxicity
Cancer Res canres.CAN-21-3652-E.2021.
Research Article May 31 2022
SETDB1 restrains endogenous retrovirus expression and antitumor immunity during radiotherapy
Cancer Res canres.3523.2021.
Research Article May 31 2022
Intracellular acetyl CoA potentiates the therapeutic efficacy of anti-tumor CD8+ T cells
Cancer Res canres.4052.2021.
Research Article May 27 2022
Proteomic mapping and targeting of mitotic pericentriolar material in tumors bearing centrosome amplification
Cancer Res canres.0225.2022-1-31 22:36:38.487.
Review Article May 18 2022
Drug-tolerant persister cells in cancer therapy resistance
Cancer Res canres.3844.2021.
Research Article May 18 2022
Transcriptional repression by FoxM1 suppresses tumor differentiation and promotes metastasis of breast cancer
Cancer Res canres.0410.2022.
Research Article May 18 2022
Pyruvate kinase M1 suppresses development and progression of prostate adenocarcinoma
Cancer Res canres.CAN-21-2352-E.2021.
Research Article May 18 2022
Chromatin Rewiring by Mismatch Repair Protein MSH2 Alters Cell Adhesion Pathways and Sensitivity to BET Inhibition in Gastric Cancer
Cancer Res canres.CAN-21-2072-E.2021.
Research Article May 17 2022
Claudin-12 deficiency inhibits tumor growth by impairing transendothelial migration of myeloid-derived suppressor cells
Cancer Res canres.3896.2021.
Research Article May 11 2022
Mitochondrial micropeptide STMP1 enhances mitochondrial fission to promote tumor metastasis
Cancer Res canres.3910.2021.
Research Article May 10 2022
Computational identification of preneoplastic cells displaying high stemness and risk of cancer progression
Cancer Res canres.0668.2022.
Research Article May 10 2022
Bimodal gene expression in cancer patients provides interpretable biomarkers for drug sensitivity
Cancer Res canres.2395.2021.
Research Article May 10 2022
Hypoxia-reoxygenation couples 3βHSD1 enzyme and cofactor upregulation to facilitate androgen biosynthesis and hormone therapy resistance in prostate cancer
Cancer Res canres.4256.2021.
Research Article May 4 2022
Anti-HIV drug elvitegravir suppresses cancer metastasis via increased proteasomal degradation of m6A methyltransferase METTL3
Cancer Res canres.4124.2021.
Research Article May 3 2022
Computational and Functional Analyses of HER2 Mutations Reveal Allosteric Activation Mechanisms and Altered Pharmacologic Effects
Cancer Res canres.0940.2021.
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