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Journal Archive

Cancer Research (1941-Present; volumes 1-current)

(ISSN 0008-5472) Published twice monthly since 1987. From 1941-1986, published monthly.

The American Journal of Cancer (1931-1940; volumes 15-40)

(ISSN 0099-7374) Published quarterly in 1931, bimonthly in 1932, and monthly from 1933 to 1940. The journal changed title to Cancer Research in 1941.

The Journal of Cancer Research (1916-1930); volumes 1-14)

(ISSN 0099-7013) Published quarterly from 1916 through 1930 (publication was suspended from November 1922 to March 1924). The journal changed title to The American Journal of Cancer in 1931.

Table of Contents

Breaking Insights



Cancer Research Landmarks

Controversy and Consensus

Resource Report

The musicatk package empowers researchers to characterize mutational signatures and tumor heterogeneity with a comprehensive set of preprocessing utilities, discovery and prediction tools, and multiple functions for downstream analysis and visualization.

Genome and Epigenome

This study characterizes a previously unexplored role of ncNATs in regulation of isoform expression of associated sense genes, highlighting a mechanism of alternative promoter usage in cancer.

Metabolism and Chemical Biology

Molecular Cell Biology

PLCB1 functions as an oncogenic driver in cholangiocarcinoma development that confers an actionable therapeutic vulnerability to AKT inhibition.

Tumor Biology and Immunology

Hypoxia induces HIF2α-mediated overexpression of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase in TAMs, leading to chemoresistance to 5-FU in colon cancers.

Translational Science

Hyperpolarized carbon-13 MRI allows response assessment in patients with breast cancer after 7–11 days of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and outperformed state-of-the-art and research quantitative proton MRI techniques.

The discovery of a means to specifically activate the CD271 death domain reveals unknown pathways mediated by the receptor and highlights new treatment possibilities for melanoma.

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