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AACR Journals Hematologic Malignancies Collection

Read this complimentary collection containing articles focused on hematologic malignancies, selected by the AACR Journal editors based on key metrics such as usage and citations. The AACR Journals publish impactful work in blood cancers, and will continue to do so with the launch of Blood Cancer Discovery.

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Walid Warda; Fabrice Larosa; Mathieu Neto Da Rocha; Rim Trad; Eric Deconinck; Ziad Fajloun; Cyril Faure; Denis Caillot; Marius Moldovan; Severine Valmary-Degano; Sabeha Biichle; Etienne Daguindau; Francine Garnache-Ottou; Sebastien Tabruyn; Olivier Adotevi; Marina Deschamps; Christophe Ferrand
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