1. The object of these experiments was to determine whether calcium and magnesium can reduce eugenol-induced desquamation of gastric columnar epithelium. This was studied in dogs by the topical application to Heidenhain pouches of 1 per cent buffered (NaHCO3) eugenol emulsions containing these ions at several different concentration levels.

  2. Such eugenol emulsions exercise the same mucigogue and desquamatory actions as do control emulsions containing none of the added electrolytes.

  3. This finding fails to give support to the idea of a possible relation between the desquamatory action of a gastric mucigogue and the process of invasion by cancerous tissue.


This investigation was supported by a research grant from the National Cancer Institute of the National Institute of Health, U.S. Public Health Service.

A preliminary report of this work was presented before the American Physiological Society at its recent meeting in Detroit. An abstract was published in Fed. Proc., 8:76, 1949.

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