Background: Cancer patients worldwide feel intense anxiety, often racing to start treatments at non expert centers. Further, imbalanced oncologist to patient ratios (˜1600: 1.8 M in India, ˜23,000: 15M in USA), impedes access to expertise. We study the impact of rapid evidence based expert treatment plans in relieving patient anxiety. Navya, a health services technology, generates personalized treatment plans that maps within NCCN Resource Stratified Guidelines [SABCS 2017]. This is vetted on mobile by oncologists at tertiary centers like TMC NCG to provide expert opinion reports to patients. Since 2015, ˜19,457 patients from 57 countries have reached out for an online opinion. On the ground, 78% of patients received evidence based treatments recommended by Navya [ASCO 2017].

Methods: To assess impact of timeliness, a prospective series of patients (from Sep '17 to April '18) were asked: “Were you relieved to receive expert opinion report in [x] days?” “Does it matter to you to receive expert opinion report in 1 day?” To assess time savings, preliminary reports with treatment options from NCCN and TMC NCG guidelines were shared with patients who matched all guidelines criteria. Subsequently, expert opinion reports were shared as usual.

Results: 543/701 patients responded to phone follow-up. 97% [± 3.2] were relieved to receive expert opinion reports in 1-2 days (103/106) vs 83% [± 3.8 ] for 3+ days (365/437). Of those not relieved by 3+ day turnaround, 83% stated that it would matter to receive expert opinion reports in 1 day (60/72). The first 300 preliminary reports shared in median time of 3.37 hours, resulted in 90% time savings vs expert opinion reports. On 10% of the preliminary reports, experts added information such as de-/escalating therapy (18/31), and additional diagnostic tests (6/31).

Conclusions: Navya relieves patient anxieties by responding at the time of need with evidence based treatment plans. Scaling such health services technologies to patients worldwide is feasible.

Citation Format: Ramarajan N, Srivastava R, Begum F, Gupta S, Pramesh C, Badwe R. Responding at patient's time of need: Scaling rapid access to evidence-based treatment plans [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the 2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium; 2018 Dec 4-8; San Antonio, TX. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; Cancer Res 2019;79(4 Suppl):Abstract nr P3-16-01.