In this issue of Cancer Research, we are publishing a number of Notices: Corrections, Editor's Notes, and Retractions. In addition, Cancer Prevention Research, Clinical Cancer Research, Molecular Cancer Research, and Molecular Cancer Therapeutics are issuing Notices this month.

Unfortunately, we have been delayed in correcting the published record, and for this we apologize.

We have significantly improved our procedures and processes so that, going forward, we can make these corrections to the published record in a more timely manner. It will take several months to publish various types of corrections related to a number of older cases on which we are working.

The AACR strongly supports scientific integrity, correction of the published record as needed, and the reproducibility of science. To quote a recent Editorial by Chi Van Dang (August 1, 2018 issue, page 4106;“…. it is our collective responsibility as investigators, authors, manuscript referees, and editors to ensure that manuscripts submitted to and published by Cancer Research are based on rigorous, well-controlled studies that are robust and have the highest probability of being reproducible.”

To review our current policies regarding publishing and research ethics, please see our online information for authors, which can be found here:

We are always interested in hearing from our author and reader communities. If you have questions or concerns you would like to share directly with me, please contact me at

Christine Rullo


American Association for Cancer Research