BRAWO is a German non-interventional study of 3000 patients (pts) with advanced or metastatic, hormone-receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer treated with everolimus (EVE) and exemestane (EXE). We report results of the 2nd preplanned interim analysis (IA) with a data cut-off on 8th July 2014.


BRAWO collects data on the routine clinical treatment with EVE and EXE at about 400 sites. Main objectives are to extend the knowledge on a) the efficacy in the clinical routine and the impact of physical activity on efficacy and quality of life, b) prophylaxis and management of stomatitis, and c) the sequence of therapy in the clinical routine. The 2nd IA was defined to take place 12 months after the inclusion of the 500. patient into the documentation.


Efficacy data will be reported for the first 500 documented pts. Apart from data on the total study population we will present the PFS results for subgroups including pts with or without prior EXE therapy, with or without prior chemotherapy for the advanced setting, with or without visceral metastasis and with regard to the line of treatment in the advanced setting and the extent of physical activity. The respective summary of adverse events for these patients will be presented as well as results on treatment compliance and dosing. Baseline characteristics and medical history as well as insights into treatment sequences before EVE and EXE will further be shown for all enrolled patients with valid baseline documentation (approx. 1200).


This subgroup analysis will provide insights into the treatment efficacy in the clinical routine and will add to a more comprehensive understanding of the treatment with EVE/EXE.

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