caArray is an open source microarray data management system that was developed using the cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) compatibility guidelines, as well as the Microarray Gene Expression Data (MGED) society standards for microarray data. Compatibility with these standards and guidelines facilitates data sharing and integration of diverse data types including clinical, imaging, tissue and functional genomics data. Integrative data analysis is supported by analytical tools that allow data analysis across these different biomedical domains. All data services in caBIG rely on controlled vocabularies, using registered metadata, concept identifiers and well documented programming and messaging interfaces. In the case of caArray, meeting these requirements involved the following: registration of the MAGE-OM v1.1 in the NCI metadata repository (caDSR), using the MGED ontology terms hosted by the NCI Enterprise Vocabulary Services (EVS), and development of an Application Programming Interface (API) that provides programmatic access to the microarray data using the MAGE Object Model. caArray also supports data exchange in MAGE-ML, an XML format automatically derived from the MAGE Object Model. caArray data services are now available in the caGRID. This allows discovery, sharing and integrative analysis of data stored in all the caArray nodes connected to the grid. A number of analytical tools are already available, including geWorkbench and GenePattern that both provide a variety of data analysis, visualization and annotation functions for microarray and other data types. caArray is accecible at http://caarraydb.nci.nih.gov.

98th AACR Annual Meeting-- Apr 14-18, 2007; Los Angeles, CA