In the article on genomic survey of gliomas in the October 1, 2006 issue of Cancer Research (1), the number of normal samples that were analyzed concurrently with the tumors to provide a base line on the accuracy of the methodology was wrongly reported on page 9428 as 29 when, in fact, there were 17 samples. This change does not impact on the data analyses or any of the reported results because the DNA Copy Number and Loss of Heterozygosity analyses that were done did not use these samples as the reference set. Instead, the more comprehensive set provided by Affymetrix with its Chromosome Copy Number Tool was used for the reported analyses.

Kotliarov Y, Steed ME, Christopher N, Walling J, Su Q, Center A, Heiss J, Rosenblum M, Mikkelsen T, Zenklusen JC, Fine HA. High-resolution global genomic survey of 178 gliomas reveals novel regions of copy number alteration and allelic imbalances.
Cancer Res