In the article on ATP7A and drug resistance and clinical drug resistance in the May 15, 2007 issue of Cancer Research (1), there is an error in Table 1. The IC50 value of CHO/pCMB117 against vincristine should be 52.58 ± 13.95.

Owatari S, Akune S, Komatsu M, Ikeda R, Firth SD, Che X-F, Yamamoto M, Tsujikawa K, Kitazono M, Ishizawa T, Takeuchi T, Aikou T, Mercer JFB, Akiyama S, Furukawa T. Copper-transforming P-type ATPase, ATP7A, confers multidrug resistance and its expression is related to resistance to SN-38 in clinical colon cancer.
Cancer Res