In the article on Toll-like receptors on tumor cells in the June 15, 2005 issue of Cancer Research (1), Dr. Sun-Hsia Chen's name was mistakenly omitted from the list of authors. The list of authors should have read as follows: Bo Huang, Jie Zhao, Hongxing Li, Kai-Li He, Yibang Chen, Shu-Hsia Chen, Lloyd Mayer, Jay C. Unkeless, and Huabao Xiong. Dr. Chen's affiliation is the Department of Gene and Cell Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York. This study, Dr. Huang, and Dr. Chen were supported by NCI Grants CA70337 and CA84404 and by the Sharp Foundation (to S.H. Chen).

Huang B, Zhao J, Li H, He K-L, Chen Y, Chen S-H, Mayer L, Unkeless JC, Xiong H. Toll-like receptors on tumor cells facilitate evasion of immune surveillance.
Cancer Res