To elicit specific cellular immune responses against cancer, the development of efficient devices to deliver tumor antigen peptides to the MHC class I pathway constitutes a central issue. We report here a novel formula of hydrophobized polysaccharide nanoparticles, which can deliver a HER2 oncoprotein containing an epitope peptide to the MHC class I pathway.

A protein consisting of the 147 amino-terminal amino acids of oncogene erbB-2/neu/HER2 (HER2) was complexed with two kinds of hydrophobized polysaccharides, cholesteryl group-bearing mannan (CHM) and cholesteryl group-bearing pullulan (CHP), to form nanoparticles (CHM-HER2 and CHP-HER2). CHM-HER2 and CHP-HER2 were able to induce CD3+/CD8+ CTLs against HER2-transfected syngeneic fibrosarcoma cell lines. In contrast, the oncoprotein alone failed to do so. These CTLs were Kd-restricted and specifically recognized a peptide (position 63–71) that was a part of a truncated HER2 protein used as an immunogen. In addition, vaccination by CHM-HER2 complexes led to a strongly enhanced production of IgG antibodies against HER2, whereas vaccination with HER2 proteins alone resulted in a production of antibodies at a marginal level. Mice immunized with CHM-HER2 or CHP-HER2 before tumor challenge successfully rejected HER2-transfected tumors. The complete rejection of tumors also occurred when CHM-HER2 was applied not later than 3 days after tumor implantation. In the effector phase of in vivo tumor rejection, CD8+ T cells played a major role.

The results suggest that a sort of hydrophobized polysaccharide may help soluble proteins to induce cellular immunity as well enhance humoral immunity; hence, such a novel vaccine may be of potential benefit to cancer prevention and cancer therapy.


Supported in part by grants from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture of Japan, X-G. G. was granted an Educational Award by the Yoneyama Foundation of Rotary Japan, and M. S. was awarded a Science and Technology Fellowship (STF10) by the European Commission.

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