Protein kinases of the Raf family act as signal-transducing elements downstream of activated cell surface receptors and are involved in the regulation of proliferation, differentiation, and cell survival. Whereas the role of c-Raf-1 as a mitogen-activated protein/extracellular signal-regulated kinase activator within the mitogenic cascade is well established, less is known about the mammalian Raf isoforms A-Raf and B-Raf. Here we report that B-Raf binds to PA28α, one of two subunits of the 11S regulator of proteasomes. PA28α was isolated as a B-Raf-binding protein in a yeast two-hybrid screen of a PC12 cDNA library. Both proteins can be coimmunoprecipitated after transient expression in 293 cells. No association could be found between PA28α and A-Raf or c-Raf-1. B-Raf binds to a region in PA28α that is important for its proteasome-activating function.


Supported by Grants RA642/1-1, WE2023/2-1, and SFB 172 from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

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