1Porcine pancreatic extracts (PXs) have previously been shown to decrease blood ionized calcium in BALB/c mice (T. Yoneda, Y. Takaoka, and G. R. Mundy. FEBS Lett., 278: 171–174, 1991). In the present study, we show that the PX is effective in preventing progression of hypercalcemia and decreasing osteoclastic bone resorption associated with a human squamous carcinoma in nude mice. PX inhibited osteoclast-like cell formation in mouse bone marrow cultures and bone resorption in organ cultures of fetal rat long bones which had been stimulated by serum-free culture supernatants of this cancer. In addition, PX increased food intake, decreased weight loss, and prevented development of cachexia. In parallel with these effects, PX prolonged survival of tumor-bearing animals. PX might have therapeutic potential for management of hypercalcemia and cachexia associated with malignancy.


This work was supported in part by NIH Grants DE-08569, CA-40035, and AR-07464.

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