We have analyzed DNA obtained from 38 lung tumors and normal lung or blood DNA for microsatellite instability. Instability was examined at 10 different microsatellite loci on chromosome 3p, as well as loci on 3q, 11p, 11q, and 13q, and two on Xq. We observed microsatellite instability at one or more loci in 13 of the lung tumors analyzed, and this instability ranged from tumors showing instability in only a single microsatellite to two adenocarcinomas that had alterations in all 16 tested microsatellites. Microsatellite instability could therefore play a significant role in the development of a sizable portion of lung tumors.


This work was supported by NIH Grant CA 48013 (to D. I. S.) and NIH Grant CA 50694 (to J. S.).

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