Allelic loss at the Apc locus in spontaneously occurring intestinal adenomas from mice heterozygous for the ApcMin nonsense mutation was analyzed using a site-specific quantitative polymerase chain reaction assay. All 97 of the intestinal adenomas analyzed showed extensive loss of the wild-type Apc (Apc+) allele. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction analysis of loci linked to Apc indicated loss of the chromosome carrying Apc+. Only one copy of the homologue carrying ApcMin remained in the intestinal adenomas. Possible reasons for the difference in the mechanism of Apc+ loss between human and Min mouse intestinal adenomas are discussed.


This work was supported by Grants R01-CA50585, P01-23076, R01-63677, T32-GM07133, CA09135, and Core Grant CA07175 from the National Cancer Institute. This is Publication No. 3418 from the Laboratory of Genetics.

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