We correlated the steady state transcription and protein secretion of interleukin 8 (IL-8) in 13 different human melanoma cell lines with their ability to grow and produce metastasis in nude mice. Highly metastatic cells expressed higher steady state levels of IL-8 mRNA transcripts than did low metastatic cells. In situ mRNA hybridization analyses confirmed the pattern of mRNA expression on a cellular level. Increased mRNA expression directly correlated with secretion of IL-8 protein as determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Recombinant IL-8 stimulated the proliferation of low metastatic A375P cells in a dose-dependent manner, a stimulation that was abrogated by the use of a polyclonal antibody against IL-8. The data suggest that IL-8 can be an autocrine growth factor for human melanoma cells and that IL-8 is involved in melanoma metastasis.


This work was supported in part by Cancer Center Support Core Grant CA 16672 and National Cancer Institute Grant R35-CA 42107 (I. J. F.).

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