Deletions of the 9p-localized type-I interferon (IFN) genes and adjacent loci often occur during the development of malignant glioma. We have applied restriction fragment length polymorphism and microsatellite analysis to 12 loci covering this region of 9p and 3 loci on 9q in 74 human glial tumor tissues to define and further localize the smallest region of hemizygous or homozygous deletion common to the tumors. Three regions of homozygous deletion were evident among the panel of tumors; only one of these, however, residing between D9S171 and the IFNα/ω gene cluster, was involved in multiple cases (13 glioblastomas). Hemizygous deletion of this same region was observed in an additional 27 tumors. In total these data indicate the frequent inactivation of a novel tumor suppressor gene residing adjacent to and centromeric of the type-I IFN genes in malignant gliomas.


This work was supported by grants from the Swedish Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute (CA55728), the Arne and Ingabritt Ljungbergs Fund, the Jubillee Clinics Research Fund, and the Assar Gabrielssons Fund.

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