Southern digests of DNA from 15 human connective tissue tumor-derived cell lines (and cell strains) and from peripheral blood lymphocytes from normal volunteers were prepared to compare structure of the β-platelet-derived growth factor receptor gene in normal and tumor-derived cells. The tumor-derived samples had no alterations in gene structure, nor was gene amplification evident. Two restriction fragment length polymorphisms were detected within the β-receptor gene. Expression of the α- and β-platelet-derived growth factor receptor was quantified using Northern blots. Expression was not tumor-type specific. For example, one rhabdomyosarcoma cell line expressed only the α-receptor, whereas two others expressed the β. In contrast, a human fibroblast cell strain expressed both receptor types. Alterations in receptor expression may be a result of the tumorigenic process.


This work was supported by NIH Grant CA47983. C.D.S. and R.B.W. were supported in part by “The Eagles Fly for Leukemia” campaign.

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