We report the first case of 90Y-conjugated monoclonal antibody (MoAb) administration for human radioimmunotherapy. Ten mCi 90Y-labeled antiidiotype (anti-Id) MoAb were administered to a patient with B-cell lymphoma whose tumor successfully imaged with 111In-labeled anti-Id MoAb. No significant toxicities were observed. More than 2 g of unlabeled anti-Id MoAb were administered while clearing the circulating IgM idiotype prior to administration of the 90Y-MoAb. Transient partial regression of disease was observed. Serial fine needle aspirations of a malignant lymph node documented in vivo anti-Id penetration into a site that did not image by radioimmunoscintigraphy. The radiosensitivity of B-cell lymphoma, the tumor specificity of anti-Id, the antitumor activity of anti-Id alone, and the safe administration of 10 mCi 90Y-labeled anti-Id MoAb in this report suggest further investigation of this radioimmunoconjugate for therapy of B-cell lymphoma is warranted.


Presented at the “Second Conference on Radioimmunodetection and Radioimmunotherapy of Cancer,” September 8–10, 1988, Princeton, NJ. Research funded by NCI Grant CA37497.

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