The conference on “Differentiation Therapy” was held in Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy, September 5 to 9, 1988. It was organized by Dr. Samuel Waxman, The Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY; Dr. Giovanni B. Rossi, Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Rome, Italy; and Dr. Fumimaro Takaku, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, Hongo, Japan.

Partial support for this conference was provided by the Serono Foundation and USPHS Grant 1R13 CA48978 from the NIH.

Participants at this conference included: J. P. Abita, France; E. Affabris, Italy; P. Alexander, England; K. K. Alitalo, Finland; L. H. Augenlicht, USA; C. Baglioni, USA; S. P. Banks-Schlegel, USA; J. C. Barrett, USA; A. Battistini, Italy; I. Blazsek, France; M. Boiron, France; E. Bombardieri, Italy; T. R. Breitman, USA; J. K. Brennan, USA; P. Calabresi, USA; B. Calabretta, USA; F. Calvo, France; M. Castagna, France; C. Chany, France; L. Chieco-Bianchi, Italy; J. K. Christman, USA; E. M. Coccia, Italy; V. J. Cristofalo, USA; G. R. Cunha, USA; C. De Giovanni, Italy; H. de The, France; L. Degos, France; S. Del Giacco, Italy; F. Dianzani, Italy; M. J. Egorin, USA; Y. Eto, Japan; E. R. Fearon, USA; E. Fibach, Israel; P. B. Fisher, USA; F. Formelli, Italy; G. E. Francis, England; C. S. Freeman, USA; R. H. Friedman, USA; Y. Fujii, Japan; Y. K. Fung, USA; N. E. Fusenig, Federal Republic of Germany; J. Gabrilove, USA; R. E. Gallagher, USA; H. S. Garewal, USA; J. W. Greiner, USA; M. Grossi, Italy; M. J. Hall, England; J. Han, China; C. Harris, USA; O. Heby, Sweden; J. A. Hickman, England; W. N. Hittelman, USA; D. Hoelzer, Federal Republic of Germany; J. T. Holt, USA; W. K. Hong, USA; H. Hozumi, Japan; A. D. Ho, Federal Republic of Germany; E. Huberman, USA; D. Ingber, USA; A. M. Jetten, USA; P. A. Jones, USA; R. Kemler, Federal Republic of Germany; A. Kimchi, Israel; M. Lanciotti, Italy; D. L. Levens, USA; S. O. Lie, Norway; G. Lipkin, USA; R. Lotan, USA; J. Lotem, Israel; H. R. Maurer, Federal Republic of Germany; R. P. Mc Caffrey, USA; F. Meyskens, USA; D. D. Mickey, USA; C. Miller, USA; S. Mocarelli, Italy; M. J. Morin, USA; H. L. Moses, USA; M. Navre, USA; M. A. Palladino, USA; G. Palmieri, Italy; L. Palmisano, Italy; M. T. Parodi, Italy; U. Pastorino, Italy; S. Pepe, Italy; P. M. Petkovich, France; W. Piacibello, Italy; A. Pinto, Italy; F. Pocchiari, Italy; E. Rachmilewitz, Israel; K. R. Rai, USA; M. Revel, Israel; R. Revoltella, Italy; R. A. Rifkind, USA; D. R. Roop, USA; S. Rossetti, Italy; G. B. Rossi, Italy; G. Rovera, USA; P. T. Rowley, USA; D. R. Rowley, USA; M. Saito, Japan; A. C. Sartorelli, USA; S. Sassa, USA; F. Schaefer, USA; B. M. Scher, USA; W. Scher, USA; R. Schlegel, USA; E. L. Schwartz, USA; R. E. Scott, USA; H. M. Shepard, USA; M. I. Sherman, USA; E. J. Stanbridge, USA; M. Stark, Federal Republic of Germany; P. Tagliaferri, Italy; N. Takeichi, Japan; F. Tato, Italy; M. W. Taylor, USA; N. G. Testa, England; P. Tofilon, USA; F. Toma, Italy; A. S. Tsiftsoglou, USA; A. T'Ang, USA; K. Vass, Scotland; P. Verani, Italy; T. Watanabe, Japan; S. Waxman, USA; M. C. Wiemann, USA; M. S. Wicha, USA; G. G. Wong, USA; A. Yen, USA; Y. Yoshida, Japan; S. Yuspa, USA; V. Zappavigna, Italy; W. Zheng-Yi, China; and I. Zvibel, USA.

Requests for reprints should be addressed to Dr. Reuben Lotan, Department of Tumor Biology (Box 108), University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, 1515 Holcombe Boulevard, Houston, TX 77030.

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